“John from Dorset” Proves The Power of Media & Government Propaganda.


3 minutes of proof of the effects of Mainstream Media fear and propaganda.


George Galloway is a hugely knowledgable and experienced former British politician, media figure and a commentator on a wide range of subjects. He is a little eccentric occasionally but his debating skills are formidable indeed. He has his own talk show on RT America News where he shares large amounts of what used to termed “common sense.”

I came across this short clip of Mr Galloway receiving a call in from “John from Dorset” on George’s talk show.

It is clear that “John from Dorset” is very concerned, agitated even, about the prospect of “China taking over the world.”

The short chat between John and George is very comical really and I laugh every time I hear it. But it isn’t really funny. Quite the opposite.

Apart from its comical aspect, the short chat between host George and caller John is also very disturbing. John clearly has quite set and negative views about China’s role in the world. I’m not sure his expressed views on the role of other western nations, including his own the UK are quite so firmly held. He seems to be making certain peripheral – non China related – comments up as he goes.

At the very least, John seems quite disturbed and not at all sure of his facts. Ill informed, confused and frightened. All the things that many governments and their mainstream media work very hard at achieving amongst their readers and viewers.

Sadly, it seems John from Dorsett has been a star pupil of the mainstream media’s masterclasses in propaganda. He doesn’t really seem to know or fully understand even his own views. All he knows is that China is bad. No matter what. And even if he acknowledges that his own country, the UK, and the USA are “no good” too…..well… then that is okay, but….China is even worse!

Without really knowing why. Let alone explaining his opinion in any coherent manner.

I think there are hundreds of millions of people in the western world like John from Dorset. Good, well meaning and law abiding people who have been frightened almost to hysteria by years of constant exposure to our lying and manipulative, propaganda spreading mainstream media and government. Remember the CNN posts here?

John is an extreme case, but from observation, I believe many more westerners are just like John to various degrees. If you read my “Donald Trump Test” post, you will remember that I would gauge a person’s current affairs knowledge by me raising positive aspects of – or even simply neutral aspects of – President Trump’s tenure to see what reaction I got.

Invariably, I received negative feedback on President Trump, even on issues where he spoke some very rare truths, such as America being far from innocent when killing millions of people around the world, killing people who were innocent.

But all that counts for naught. The mainstream media demolished every apsect of Donald Trump’s tenure in the Whitehouse. I’ll just repeat – much of what Mr Trump did do and say DID need to be demolished. It was awful. But not all of it. Some of his comments were spot on and truthful. But the media demolition of Donald Trump means he will never receive any credit for his truth telling.

George Galloway said at the end of the call, when thanking John for his contribution, “it was a very useful call.”

It was indeed. We can all ask ourselves, “am I related to John from Dorset?”

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"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free." Goethe

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