American Pulitzer Prize Winner Dr Chris Hedges Speaks of USA’s Collapse.



From my experiences talking to Americans few of them realize that their nation has, or is, an empire. American leaders will never say such things – in fact, they like to pronounce how America was founded by an anti-colonial revolution against tyranny. A rebellion against the worlds then, greatest empire – the British empire.

It is a real shame Washington only lets other anti-colonial revolutions succeed if it is their friends who are in charge of it. Anyway, that is beside the point.

Some Americans DO realize that they control a great empire. Circling the globe with 700+ military bases – about 695 more than the combined total of all other nations – recklessly invading sovereign nations at will, and causing so much death and suffering.

Up until recent times, maybe we could say the internet age, the USA has been controlling the “message” on all issues, nearly all of the time. But times are changing.

One person who has spoken much about empire in America is Dr Chris Hedges. Chris has had a fascinating life as a seminarian, a war correspondant, a prize winning New York Times journalist (right in the heart of the beast so to speak) a writer and public speaker.

Brutally honest. Shockingly precise. Articulate. Dispassionate.

These are just a few words that describe the short message by Dr Chris Hedges below.

This is going to be a shock to many Americans – a shock they can probably do without. Imagine waking up one day to realize that your government was, for decades, in control of the biggest and richest empire in history, only to realize that you got nothing from that empire’s fabulous wealth. After that clanger you realize none of that matters because the empire is about to collapse and you can’t get your share now anyway! What would be going on inside your mind?

I agree with Chris Hedges about his thoughts of empire. What really scares me is how are Americans going to process and react when the realities above all sink in and all in short measure?

Imagine waking up one day to realize that you had won the biggest jackpot prize in history ($100 million) but you were not told about it as the Lottery shop owner had kept and spent all of your winnings. But before you could get angry at missing out, the next day, the government announces that a meteor is going to hit your nation smack dab in the middle and wipe most of it out anyway. And then just before the meteor blast you also realize that maybe you could have survived if you had of had your winnings money paid out by the shop owner, as you could have made your life safe by going to the other side of the world or by buying a home safe within a big mountain range to wait out the mess.

But now…..none of this matters – it is all too late – the brown stuff is about to hit the fan big time! And there’s nothing you can do.

Scale up the rage of the ordinary US guy Joe Sixpack, when he realizes that 90% of Americans are in exactly the same boat as he is. They got nothing from being part of history’s greatest empire either even though many fought and died for it. They too, now realize this shameful injustice at the same time as Joe does. But nobody can do anything. The gravy train is nearly all over. The elites will be protected but no-one else.

It is not going to be pretty when she blows.

There is nothing the American elites and their friends can do in the real world either to stop the collapse of their empire. Futile attempts to stop America’s fall, by destabilizing China, are now all around us. That’s what all those incessantly negative, often fabricated western headlines about Trade wars, Tibet, Hong Kong, Xinjiang & the Uighers, Falon Gong and Taiwan are all about. China’s path is for itself to set. Foreign meddling will only cause minor bumps in what is going to be a reasonably smooth ride for them.

Here is Chris Hedges short (14 mins), but brutally frank and honest opinion about the impending collapse of the American Empire. And the reasons for it. Who caused it and why.

You could say it was obvious really. Everybody will say that after the event. And who is going to be blamed? The culprits? Who knows.

Introducing Dr Hedges……….

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"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free." Goethe

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