Why Do People Never Ask Questions?


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I guess I have always been one of those problem people who, when receiving an answer to a question that doesn’t fully satisfy my curiousity, reply with “why?”

Why indeed. But I notice that most people are the complete opposite to this – they never ask questions at all. And not just about major issues like wars and unprovoked invasions, but even about simple things.

Many years ago I had a large dinner party at my home which was a french themed affair, with printed invitations and everything. On the front of the invitation I wrote a quote in French. None of the 14 or so guests ever asked what the quote was about. As it turned out, it wasn’t really proper french, just some “foreign” looking words in quotation marks (this was in the pre-internet age and I wasn’t going to go to the library to get the genune thing lol).

Still, I thought, no-one I know speaks French so they won’t know it is not genuine. But they will ask what it means surely. No one ever asked anything about it.

Some decades later I see these same patterns everywhere. A chronic lack of inquisitiveness and curiousity amongst the general public. It seems to have been bred out of people.

These days – or maybe it has always been the same – questions are rarely asked, as information flows only in one direction. From media to mind. And that is where the flow ends. Communication out from the mind, that is, a question, rarely occurs.

I once said to an intelligent professional person that the official 9/11 narrative is full of huge inconsistencies, impossibilities and unlikely events, on many different levels and concerning many totally unrelated subjects. I told them of a few, and they seemed genuinely shocked. But seconds later they were back into surfing the net on their handphone. Any shock was short lasting. Any interest gone. No questions asked. A discussion was certainly nowhere in sight.

I have seen these types of things numerous times since my enlightenment to my own previous lack of awareness of the events and circumstances around the globe. You can show people a mountain of cold hard facts about something they know little about – like say, how Iran has been falsely, and negatively portrayed so many times in the global media – and there is nothing in response except for denial and resistance. Sometimes even aggression.

Famous British philosopher Bertrand Russell once noted,


This dismissal of question asking or meaningful conversation is not accidental I believe.

It is part and parcel of the techniques employed by “the system” in order to “educate” people. Some might say “control”. Whatever we call it, the outcomes are deadly. Outrageous things occur in the world and nobody says anything. Nobody asks, “how can that happen?” Nobody asks anything………..except about useless knowledge.

One of the most outrageous things happening in the world today – out of many – is the presence of American troops in Syria. To me, this is an absolutely incredulous event. Beyond any form of reality.

Russian troops are in Syria as they were formally invited by the Syrian government as part of an official and legal defence treaty signed by each government. There might be other troops in Syria from time to time who have been invited by organizations such as the United Nations.

The American troops have not been invited into Syria by anyone, formally or otherwise. There is no mandate from any organization for them to be present in Syria. Nobody wants them there. They are not wanted or necessary. Syria hasn’t done anything against the United States to warrant their troops being there. Yet, there they are – American troops occupying Syria’s oilfields. How did they get there? How long are they going to occupy a sovereign nation without invitation? How long will they steal Syria’s oil?

Why are the US troops in Syria? And a good follow up question would be, why isn’t anyone asking the first question?

No-one I know asks this obvious question. But it is the job and responsibilty of the media to ask questions – at least, it used to be. Not even the media ask obvious questions concerning American troops in Syria. If they don’t ask questions, then why do we bother even having a media? What is their real purpose then?

We all know people who make it a priority to see the evening news on TV. It’s a ritual that in underpinned by powerful forces of habit. Forces that are so powerful in fact, people have been trained to sit for hours watching nothing at all on their TV screen. Or is it “nothing” they’re watching?

People love to be shocked. Even when there is nothing to be shocked about. They tune in subconsciously expecting to be shocked. We are all addicted to something remember.

But when something actually shocking occurs, like US troops illegally occupying Syria and stealing it’s oil….that is not shocking at all. Faces remain blank. Minds stay at rest. Questions are absent.

This reversal of what you’d expect to see happen in life can not be accidental can it?

There must be a reason why this is the case.

What do you think it is? And who is behind it?

( I always like to end with a question you see…..)

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"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free." Goethe

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