Our “Rights” Only Extend So Far – Right?


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I saw an American man recently who was hospitalized from Covid 19. He was recovering from his symptoms in a hospital bed and will supposedly make a full recovery.

This man was very independently minded and insisted it was his right to refuse a Covid vaccine – which he had. Fair enough I thought. It was his right to refuse free government medical treatment. So why was he allowed to accept free government medical treatment to save his life?

Why was he even offered treatment?

We hear alot in the western world about “human rights” these days, about the rights of the individual, about how it is up to the individual (me!) to decide….

When does the right of the individual become subserviant to the rights of the community? Does it ever? I think it should.

In the United States, it seems “I” always wins over “WE”. To a certain extent, I sympathize with the view that the individual should retain the right to make certain decisions for themselves. That encourages individual responsibility, something that is a bit lacking today I believe in some societies, including my own.

However, in the case of the man above, by refusing the recommended government healthcare, I believe he had waived his right to receive any subsequent government health care. Which in this case, without that government healthcare, most probably would have cost him his life, as it had for other people he knew, who had also refused a vaccine.

The man seemed proud to have beaten Covid, and remained staunch in his refusal to receive a vaccine. Fair enough. But would he have survived if he had to pay for his treatment, or if he had no treatment at all?

We’ll never know that, as this scenario didn’t occur.

If people refuse to accept recommended health treatment then they should be aware of the consequences and not be offered any further treatment. They might then make a different decision. And there needs to be consequences if they continue to refuse.

Currently, they’re paying no price at all for their vaccine refusal – people are essentially getting the best of both worlds, without any risk.

Vaccination refusers should not receive government healthcare – they are putting other people at risk by entering a public health facility – and it was their own decision that landed them in hospital in the first place. Refusers should be denied access to public transport, shopping malls, sports and entertainment and travel facilities. Because there comes a point where the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the individual. Even for advocates of personal freedom.

That is what laws are for right? As a society, we don’t allow everybody to decide for themselves what speed to drive at. Or how much alcohol they can drink before driving a motor vehicle. Those are community decisions and everyone has to abide by them, whether we agree with them or not. And if we ignore the rules (laws) of the community, then there are consequences. That is what underpins democracy, the form of government that most westerners would say is the best system.

Freedom of choice is a good thing but it isn’t a one way street. If you make a poor decision you must be ready and able to accept the consequences.

Whether it be vaccine refusers, Wall St banks or anyone else who has it in the back of their minds that they have a communal support system behind them (in the form of government medical support or financial bailouts) if they make a poor decision, it is becoming more clear that some people are getting an unfair advantage from “the system”. It probably could be considered a criminal advantage in some cases.

From the many presentations I have seen on the 2008 Global Financial Crisis, it is apparent that potentially criminal activity was able to be completed within the global banking industry without criminal consequence. Laws – or community rules – seem to be either lacking completely in the case of vaccine refusers or totally ignored, in the case of the giant international banking industry.

It is a worrying trend. For the western world at least. The idea that some people are able to ignore the well being of the community in the persuit of their goals as individuals is not a sustainable one.

It seems to me that this is one of the fundamental probems with the “American way” of doing things. Thanks to the internet age, more everyday people can find out for themselves what is going on in their name. Wars, financial crime, overthrowing foreign governments to name but a few.

As hard as the mainstream western media works to actively support these distasteful things, ever so slowly, ordinary people, even Americans and the British, are realizing the whole “system” is a sham. Built and paid for by the elites, for the elites.

How long can this rigged global system go on?

Increasingly glaring humanitarian catastrophies in Vietnam and Cambodia, Central and South America, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya and Palestine have arisen from this rigged system. And the list is a very long one.

Will the “pivot” to Asia change anything for the long suffering people of the world?

It is hard to see how it can get any worse for them.

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"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free." Goethe

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