Is Afghanistan The Latest (Really) BIG Media Lie?

99% of Afghans Support Sharia Law

Since the Taliban gained control over Afghanistan, it is being widely reported in the west that the group has started imposing strict Sharia law in the country, supposedly terrorising the long suffering population in the process.

However, there seems to be much less to this “alarming” headline than what meets the eye….

In a previous post, it was alluded to that there might be another – more important – reason why the Taliban were able to sweep across all of Afghanistan so easily and achieve control with hardly a shot being fired. I mean, a reason excluding American incompetance and the corruption of the local elite classes.

A survey conducted by the highly respected non-partisan Pew Research Centre in America in 2017, highlighted a little publicised facet about the outlook of the Afghan people themselves.

In the 2017 survey, it was found that 99% of the citizens in Afghanistan were in favour of Sharia law in their country. Remember, this survey was conducted when the country was NOT under Taliban rule.

Repeating the survey’s conclusion – even before the Taliban gained control of Afghanistan, (essentially) the entire country’s population were allied with and supportive of one of the most important policy planks of that organization : imposition of Sharia law.

This isn’t really consistent with the long standing western media narrative that the Taliban impose their will only through violence and terror and that most Afghans hate it. You can still see these types of negative headlines continuing around the world even today.

Of course the utterly shambolic end to America’s military occupation of the nation hasn’t helped the new governors restore calm. If we recall the recent tragic and brutal history of Afghanistan, it is obvious that there will be much to do to restore some semblence of peace. Just look at how South Africa, another former colony, continues to struggle to achieve this, decades after winning full democracy.

Even in my remote and quiet but “developed” country, New Zealand, there are a small number of people who have extremist ideas about separatism, imposition of dual legal systems and such things. As the media pays little attention to them, and they have little intrinsic power or profile, few people outside of NZ have any idea they exist. Even many NZ citizens would not know much about their existence and ideas. That would change overnight if the local and international media chose to focus on the “cause” of these people and they were supplied with weapons, cash and influence. New Zealand would see civil unrest, violence and chaos if these tiny groups were supplied with all the resources they needed to create it, as happened in Hong Kong. Unlike in Iran in 1953, where Washington’s anti-government plotting went on in secret behind closed embassy doors, today the United States and British governments and media openly support anti-China groups in Hong Kong and Xinjiang, without shame.

This is how many “issues” around the world are created I have discovered. The pattern is always roughly similar.

Powerful western governments, in conjunction with their global media and intelligence friends, identify (usually small) groups of discontented people within a nation that takes their interest. This small group are then supplied with money, technology, logistics support and a continuously favourable international media profile, and voila! … these people are in the wrecking business.

Within no time, a small group of previously unremarkable people without power or a following, suddenly become the latest “cause” to “save” amongst the western, ivy league, latte and sushi loving set. And if a “humanitarian” angle can be created as well, as there was in Libya, then this “demands” urgent action to “save” these poor people. Urgent actions that always involve bombing and shooting people. The nation in question is then is set on the path to regime change, or at the very least, serious social disruption is created, with an eye on regime change down the track a bit, when it can be more easily accomplished.

Think Cuba, Venezuela, Syria, Hong Kong, Xinjiang and now it seems, we might be adding Afghanistan to that list. One hopes the Afghan people will be left alone to sort out their country by themselves, but if history is anything to go by, that scenario seems unlikely.

Every nation contains divergence groups, with different opinions. But generally speaking, if left alone, I believe people can usually work things out for themselves eventually. When foreign nations meddle in the affairs of an already troubled society, the loss and suffering of the set upon people, only increases unnecessarily and prolongs any final lasting peace. In order to be “saved”, Vietnam suffered unspeakable atrocities for 20 years only for its invaders to eventually leave it in a far worse state than they found it in. Atrocities that continue until the present day as 1000 Vietnamese people are killed annually by American landmines that they left behind and show no enthusiasm to remove. That’s 20 years of misery and Vietnam still ended up with a communist government anyway. A communist government that everyone accepts and deals with on a normal basis. (And that is handling Covid 19 very well).

Only western weapons manufacturers and chemical companies profited from all the killing in Indo-China.

I think it is safe to say that sensational headlines about who “lost” Afghanistan, headlines about the terrible “suffering” of the “helpless” population and the brutality of sharia law look set to continue. Even if 99% of Afghanistan’s people support it.

And anyway, why is Afghanistan getting wall to wall international media coverage now, after the American installed government evaporated – and 4 people have tragically died at the airport – when for the last 20 years, after car bombings, terror attacks at local markets, shootings, allied bombings, etc….Afghanistan hardly got any media attention at all? It wasn’t called the forgotten war for nothing….but now it is constantly featured. Why?

Isn’t it remarkable that most people had no clue about the widespread support of Sharia law in Afghanistan? Well, it isn’t really – that is the role of our wonderful mainstream media after all : to keep us all in the dark and oblivious to the carnage our governments cause in the name of freedom.

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"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free." Goethe

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