China Graduates 1 Million Science Students Annually. US State Removes Basic Skills Required.


Oregon Governor signs bill removing reading, writing, & maths requirements for high school kids for 5 years.

Oregonian Media
Oregon Governor Kate Brown


China’s universities graduate over 1 million students annually in the sciences, engineering and mathematics. What are these brilliant young people contributing to their country? I think if you look around, you will see.

If anyone wonders why the gap between China and America is growing more obvious every day, please pay more attention. Even the hapless and corrupted western media are occassionally capable of telling a basic story but in this case, it was only the right wing outlets that seemed to publish this story about events in education in the state of Oregon.

The Governor in the US state of Florida this year passed legislation authorizing teachers to carry firearms into class. The next mass shooting in America is just around the corner sadly. But parents prepare by buying their children bullet proof backpacks.

What sort of system or culture is this? A role model or a failed state?

So it is important to read all sources of news to find these stories. No source is really any better or worse than any other. Combined, they cover all the embarrassing subjects that the “other side” would rather be ignored.

That is, if you can read. That’s becoming less likely in some countries.

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