My Donald Trump Test For People



I once said to some American friends that I thought Donald Trump might be the most significant president that America ever had. I don’t think they agreed with that. In fact, I’m sure they thought I was nuts. Time and history will tell. You heard it here first!

I made the comment because, to me, Mr Trump is a very fascinating character.

NO – I’m not a supporter of his. I have disagreed with most of his policies and have found most of his public comments repulsive to some extent. However, that does not mean he can or should be written off as some freak of nature. As just a one-in-a-century occurrance. Donald Trump didn’t create the swamp in Washington – he is a product of it.

In many ways, in fact, he was the most typical American president yet.

Donald Trump made it all the way to the Whitehouse, a position not as important as most people think it is, but however, his feat was still significant.

How did he beat all the established Republican characters in the primary elections, manage to side step much of the obviously hostile and powerful media corporations and then, in his finest hour, go on to beat Mrs Clinton in the general election?

For if nothing else, we must be thankful that he defeated Mrs Clinton, who would have had American troops in Syria before the first inauguration ball had ended.

So when in conversation with people during Mr Trump’s time in office, I would listen to what people said about him. Listening is far more important than speaking or writing. Listening was my test to see if people could offer any new perspectives on the Trump Presidency.

It should be no surprise that 99% of people are highly critical of President Trump. There was much to be critical about for sure. But those are the simple things to criticise – his crass petty nature, racist comments, general ignorance, arrogance etc. But these things are only what the hostile media were hammering home day after day anyway. So even a parrot can recite these things.

What I listen for are comments from people who have the courage and knowledge to go against the mob view. To stand up and present an alternative view point. Relating to any subject actually, not just Mr Trump. I am still waiting to hear dissenting views on President Trump. All I hear are parrots.

So I will offer some of my own views.

What his win in the 2016 US election must shout out at us all, is that increasing numbers of people are becoming increasingly fed up with business as usual and the staus quo of society. Fed up with their leaders, the business world and the media (or at least the media of the other bunch) all aiding and abetting in the maintenance of the staus quo.

Donald Trump knew all of this and he capitalized on it. For the more the establishment and their media wrote him off, the higher his chances of winning became. The arrogant media just never saw this. They in fact, helped him get elected.

What does it say about the mental and spiritual health of a nation when over 60% of the people who voted for Donald Trump in 2016 didn’t think he was fit to be President?

What does that say about Trump’s establishment opponent? What does it say about the establishment who created this mess?

But wait, there’s more. Just when you think the mental anguish of a nation can not be heightened any further, record numbers of voters came out, after four years of a Trump presidency, to vote for Donald Trump again in 2020. Worse still, even higher numbers voted for a candidate who was clearly mentally impaired, because many thought Trump was bad. And now, an impaired candidate occupies The Whitehouse. That should tell you something about the relavence of the person who occupies the Whitehouse.

I’m a great believer that everyone has some good qualities inside them and something good to say. It is not always easy to find it.

But Donald Trump did do something in that 2016 campaign that I can’t remember any other candidate ever doing in my previous years of following American elections.

On a small number of occasions…. in addition to all the rubbish, Donald Trump, actually…. told the truth. At least, it was close enough to truth for the majority of people who had not ever heard anything even close to it from politicians.

The main dishes usually served up by all politicians in most nations, dishes that are secretly expected by their admirers truth be said, consist of platitudes, generalities, banalities and just “feel good” cliches. Sometimes added to that mix are lies, half truths and innuendo in attempts to provide added spice and in order to raise your profile above the extremely low bar of the unremarkable masses.


There were two general themes in the 2016 campaign where I thought Donald Trump touched on the truth. Now, whether he actually agreed with the words that he uttered, or whether he was simply using the words to appeal to voters, we might never know. But I recognized it as some sort of real and genuine truth and I think others did too.

  1. US Wars.

Trump was fairly consistent in his condemnation of the 2003 American led invasion of Iraq particularly from 2004 onwards. And he was right. Whilst there are probably still people in the world today who think the invasion of Iraq was justified and it was about saving the world from Saddam Hussein, I think the majority of people now realize what an utter atrocity this was and still is. Many people knew this before the invasion.

Donald Trump said so publicly quite alot, mostly after the war began. Much more so than one fortunate speech by a little known Senator in 2002, which was later used by Presidential candidate Obama to burnish his anti-war credentials.

More than just speaking out against the Iraq invasion, Donald Trump went further and challenged the media puppets who constantly savage other nations and their leaders in “holier than thou” bouts of ignorance and moral judgement.

This clip from a Trump interview with Fox News host Bill O’Reilly is something I could watch 100 times over… hear these words from an elected American President, as I have never heard anything like it, the incumbent US President calling his country a “killer”,

“We’ve got alot of killers…well, you think our country’s so innocent?” President Donald Trump in 2017.



For a sitting American President, or even just a senior American political figure to raise the obvious fact that the United States has a far from innocent history concerning killing others globally is simply, beyond belief. This comment would have made the military-industrial-wall st-media complex go into meltdown….BIG time. And they did.

Trump was really doomed after comments like this. Remember, this interview was only in 2017, the same year as his inauguration, with more than three years of his Presidency to go after he dropped this bombshell. Telling the truth doesn’t get you anywhere in Washington. Except downwards.

And President Trump made things worse for himself by acknowledging the millions of America’s victims, dead as a result of their midde eastern warmongering, as in this tweet from 2019,

“The United States has spent EIGHT TRILLION DOLLARS fighting and policing in the Middle East. Thousands of our great soldiers have died or been badly wounded. Millions of people have died on the other side. GOING INTO THE MIDDLE EAST IS THE WORST DECISION EVER MADE” — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) 

October 9, 2019 Twitter

You just don’t get sitting leaders of nations talking like this. Never. Occassionally, former leaders of good conscience like former US President Jimmy Carter will speak out against his country’s atrocities, but even then, who really cares about aging former leaders from decades ago?

And it’s rare to get even former leaders speaking out so candidly such as Jimmy Carter has done about Israel and his own nation’s crimes. See my post where Carter calls America “the most warlike nation in history.”

So what reaction must it have generated amongst the elites after hearing the current President – supposedly a puppet of the elites – talking about and acknowledging the heinous crimes of his own country! This is a genuinely unique situation. TRUMP was certainly unique.

2. The other major theme Trump picked up on during the 2016 campaign that resonated with people was poverty and poverty of minorities in particular.

Again there is no way of knowing whether he really meant these sentiments or whether he was just cynically using people’s fears to garner support. However, I believe Trump deserves credit for even mentioning poverty in America, for whatever the reason. No one else has done it with such brutal clarity.

One of Trump’s more memorable lines in 2016 came when he was addressing black people in America, and it went something like this,

“You know you’ve always had nothing from them (the establishment)… So vote for me – what have you got to lose?

Cold. Harsh. Truth.

What could Hillary say to that? She knew it was true as well. Well, maybe she didn’t. She does have some of the most densely manufactured wooden ears you’ll see.

People have had enough of feeble and pathetic platitudes about “working together for a better tomorrow.” Vomit! It’s all been heard so many times before. And no matter who is elected, from either party, the rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer.

It’s no wonder Donald Trump got elected. In some ways he represented the one last chance at taking on the political orthodoxy and the political and media elites that maintain it. Of course Trump never had a chance to effect real change or to drain any of the swamp that is Washington. The swamp is far too deep, far too murky and much too dangerous a place for any one person or even party to ever change it.

Once you’re in that oval office in fact, you’re part of the swamp, floundering to keep your head above the surface scum layer just long enough to reach the day you can step back to civilian life.

Like his recent predecessors, Donald Trump failed to improve the conditions for the median American. He might have even made them worse.

But he did, intentionally or not, sometimes tell the truth about the darker parts of the American soul and that can never be undone. More people now know of America’s dark underbelly thanks to Trump, and that, even with all his foul and crude behavior, is the good part I found in his Presidency.

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