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“3 Reasons Why the Arrest of a Journalist by Belarus is Troubling”

So says the NPR headline above from the 25th May, 2021. Other western mainstream media giants like the New York Times, Associated Press (AP) and the Wall St Journal (WSJ) followed suit, zeroing in on the case of a Belarus journalist arrested supposedly for annoying the Belarus government with his opinions.

Can you please point to Belarus on a map for me? It is somewhere between Russia and London right? I do know it is called “an authoritarian state” by western governments and I now know it has a population of 9.5 million – about the same as greater London.

I know where Scotland is. I’ve been there a few times. Greasy Scotch pies they have. It’s just up the road from London. Some of my ancestors come from there.

Scotland is where Craig Murray, a private blogger, former British diplomat and outspoken supporter of Julian Assange is from. Recently Murray was jailed for contempt of Court – the first media journalist in Scotland to be imprisoned for this offence for 70 years.



Several international media watchdogs and journalist associations have called Murray’s 8 month jail sentence “disproportionate” for the offence. Although Murray was aware that his actions might lead to a conviction for Contempt of Court, the 8 month jail sentence of a private blogger has been met shock on both sides of the Atlantic. It fits into a disturbing and increasing pattern of western democracies jailing and/or torturing journalists. But you would never know all these things if you didn’t find them out for yourself.

In the FAIR (Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting) article they question why the arrest of a journalist from tiny Belarus has been featured by several major western media outlets, whereas those same outlets have not reported on UK blogger Craig Murray’s jail sentence case at all.

You can read more details in the FAIR article above.

Let’s face it, the Belarus government is not going to win any “freedom” awards from the western establishment and their media. Those accolades only get handed out to themselves, or are withheld due to lack of a suitable recipient. So the arrest of a journalist from Belarus isn’t really big news or surprising considering the Belarus government’s track record.

But how bad is the Belarus government actually? How can we really know what it’s like if the western media only focus on these negative aspects, whilst, ignoring similar troubling stories from on our own shores? That is certainly not what I thought the media was for. Where is that vital ingredient of fair reporting – context?

The UK is supposedly a free and robust democracy. For its government to clamp down on small time private bloggers and for the US government to continue the torture of whistleblower Julian Assange (especially considering outlets like the New York Times published the same information as Wikileaks did) are far more troubling to me than the government of Belarus’s action. Where will persecution of small time bloggers end?

As alluded to in other posts on this blog, the role of the western mainstream media today is highly troubling. They are not just doing their job badly, but are actually deliberately aiding and abetting corrupt western governments and corporations to loot money from the residents of Main St and use it to send the children of Main St off to fight in pointless endless wars. The American media giants rarely come together to support any cause but War is one of the things that does unite them.

(Search for posts of CNN Director Charlie Chester on this site – he admits whilst being secretly filmed that his employer, CNN, only deals in Propaganda.)

Maybe “us” people aren’t quite as fabulous as we think we are and maybe all those “them” people aren’t quite as bad as we are aways told they are either. Or these things might be true after all – who knows? We will never know for sure, as we have a corrupt mainstream media that is increasingly and regularly showing its true colours.

Which is why we have to abandon the mainstream media and go look for information and truths ourselves. The mainstream media will not only not help our search for truth in the world – they will actively mislead you away from it and confuse you.

And yet, the problem is even worse than that. After decades of high flying and compliant management rolling in and around the corporate media world, these organizations are now headed by people who are blind to their true roles. These senior media executives have been rewarded and promoted based upon their willingness to suspend belief and conform, so many times now, that the heads of giant western media outlets now believe their own headlines. They are genuinely dumbfounded by those who question their motives and journalistic standards.

If you want to see truly startling admissions on open camera by senior news people at the BBC, ITV and others, please make time to watch John Pilger’s excellent documentary movie, “The War You Don’t See.” It will highlight how serious the problems of western news and media really are.

It’s about highlighting propaganda in the media and is not as gory as the shot below – from WW1 – suggests.

It really is a must see.

Somehow, John Pilger has remained out of jail over the long period of his illustrious media career. How does he do it?

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"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free." Goethe

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