There’s NO WAR in Palestine

14 Year Old Palestinian child Faris Odeh about to be SHOT DEAD by ISRAELI TROOPS

Is this a “war”? 

There is NO war in Palestine.

14-year-old Palestinian boy Faris Odeh (right) is about to be shot dead by Israeli troops because he was throwing stones at an Israeli tank in November 2000.

After this incident 21 years ago, the shock and disgust from around the world soon dissipated (as it always does) and Israel went back to illegally demolishing Palestinian homes and building internationally condemned Jewish settlements in their place. 
Israel has been doing this for four decades now and shows no signs of changing. By some measures, their activity is getting worse.

There is no “peace process”, “two state solution”, or “road map”. Those are simply the pre-programed talking points, repeated infinitely by the highly paid useful idiots in the UN and in western capitals, which satisfy the highly paid dangerous idiots who parade as a genuine international media. These parrotted talking points simply give Israel the time to carry on with their plans without being bothered too much.

The Israeli goal is surely obvious even to the most casual observer. They are eliminating all Palestinian Muslims from their own lands. This is Genocide. Or maybe it is Ethnic Cleansing. Or both? Where is the discussion about this? By the International media? By Washington and London? Or even by the supposed friends and allies of the Palestinian people in the region?

No one dares speak. They have seen what happens in the region when you are no longer useful to Washington.


There is no war in Palestine.

“War” is a deadly conflict between two broadly equivalent parties. Nations fight wars. Britain, Spain, Germany, The Netherlands, France, Russia etc and nations everywhere have been to war many times, often against each other’s armies. India and China have fought small wars as have Pakistan and India – all nuclear powers.

Israel and Palestinians are not fighting a “war”. It should not even be termed a “conflict”.

What is happening is that Israel, is shooting fish (the Palestinians) in a barrel. It’s a hobby for the IDF. The endless daily persecution of an almost defenseless and occupied population, decade after bloody decade. In broad daylight and with total impunity.

Israel possesses every advantage – burgeoning hi-tech weaponry, endless money (thanks to the USA), tight control of the global media narrative, powerful political support, diplomatic immunity (again thanks to the USA), cutting-edge IT resources, nuclear weapons.

In comparison, the Palestinians have practically nothing….home made rockets and old women and children throwing stones. But they do possess perhaps the most important assest of all.

The moral high ground.

Which is ever so slowly being acknowleged world wide, including now by myself, but the Palestinian people continue to pay a tragically high price.

I used to simply follow what I heard from the “respectable” media on global issues, including Palestine, until I actually found a few things out for myself. When I did my own research, I realized that I knew nothing at all about what happens in the world. I now realize that almost all global issues are either falsely or at least misleadingly reported in the international media, jst as CNN Director Charlie Chester admitted earlier this year. The history of Palestine I discovered is one of most falsely reported issues in my lifetime.

Article 4 of the Geneva Conventions, states that the Palestinian people – who, according to international law are living under an occupation – have the LEGAL RIGHT TO RESIST their occupying forces by any and all means – including the use of FORCE.

When Palestinians legitimately resist the occupation of their land, they are instantly demonized and called “militants” or “terrorists” in the media and by observers, as if they’re doing something wrong. It’s very helpful when one side has this sort of powerful influence over the narrative of things. No matter what your atrocity, you have protection from the media mob.

Refer to other posts at The Font which demonstrate this blatant narrative control by the supposedly “neutral” western media. The documentary about media propaganda wars by John Pilger, titled “The War You Don’t See” is highly recommended. It gives you an excellent idea of the power and history of using the western media for propaganda purposes, going all the way back to the roots of the modern propaganda industry during World War 1, and running all the way up to the present day.

In Palestine, which struggle will succeed – the one backed by money and power and influence or the one backed by morals? The result will say a lot about us as a species don’t you think?

By the way, is it just me, or does it look like major war crimes and the endless slaughter of Muslims by “respectable” people are quite acceptable, condoned and even encouraged, in some parts of the world, like, say, the whole of the Middle East, whereas in other parts of the world, like, say, Xinjiang, scant and often unreliable evidence of far lesser crimes against Muslims is enough to charge, convict and sentence the demonic perpetrators forever?

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"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free." Goethe

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