Human Rights Abuses in America Today – The Shame of the Homeless


America is really good at making things bigger. Take wealth and homelessness. Both have increased significantly in recent decades — a stark illustration of the great power and the great inequalities inherent in modern day America.

Let’s focus on homelessness. I think the world has had enough of talking about billionaires.

A count in 2017 found half a million homeless Americans on that night.

A major stratedgy that many American cities are using to eradicate homeless people is “bussing.” Yes, it is as bad as it sounds.

American cities have been offering homeless people free bus tickets to somewhere else for over 30 years. Just to get rid of them.

Whilst a few of these relocations make sense in that some are taking people back to their hometowns, most US people are homeless in the places they are from. They simply can’t go anywhere better.

One organizer for America’s homeless calls these bussing programs, “a smoke-and-mirrors ruse tantamount to shifting around the deck chairs on the Titanic.”

“Once they get you out of their city, they really don’t care what happens to you.”

“There’s a cruelty here that I don’t think I’ve seen,” Leilani Farha, United Nations special advisor on housing, said after a 2018 visit to Northern California. She compared conditions in one of America’s richest states, California, to those found in other countries that – unlike the United States – lack the money to care for their citizens.

Louise Casey, homeless policy Director for several British leaders, agrees.

“I’ve never seen anything like it, and I’ve completed programs on every continent,” Ms Casey said after visiting San Francisco, Los Angeles and other American cities.

Americans have taken to treating homelessness as a sad fact of life, as if it were perfectly normal that hundreds of thousands of adults and children living in a nation whose 700+ military bases encircle the globe, cannot afford a place to live. They show a similar indifference to their victims in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Venezeula, Haiti, Palestine etc where thousands of homes have been literally destroyed by American attacks, both military and financial.

Americans avert their eyes away from the people who sleep and die on the streets where they walk and from the streets of nations that they have invaded.

Is there a solution to America’s great human rights shame?

Other wealthy countries with similar homelessness issues are treating it as a Human Right – which it actually is according to the 1948 UN Declaration of Universal Human Rights. See my post on the full 30 UN Articles of Human Rights –


This major and damning failure in America’s domestic Human Rights record is never mentioned by lecturing politicians during their speeches constantly critical of other nations. Why can’t they focus on their own issues and leave everyone else alone to do the same?

Let’s confirm then what America’s priorities are as a nation and a culture in dollars and cents.

The Federal homeless support program costs about $19 billion a year in its present form. Most families miss out on help due to spending caps. If spending caps were removed this would cost an additional $41 billion a year, totalling $60 billion per year to help all of America’s homeless.

Is $60 billion alot?

The American government annually provides more than $70 billion in tax breaks to homeowners, including a deduction for mortgage interest payments and a free pass on some capital gains from home sales. Reducing these incentives would go a long way to helping America’s homeless.

But even if that were too much to pay for basic human rights in the USA, what about reducing a little of the $760 billion spent each year on “defence”?

Who or what America is defending against? It has never been attacked in any serious way. The American military burns more than 48 million liters of fuel each day “defending” against some imagined foe. Reducing this carbon nightmare would eliminate homelessness overnight.

Why doesn’t the American government put its money where its mouth is and start spending a fraction of their war mongering money on providing basic human rights to its own citizens?

You know – like China does.

There could hardly be a more stark contrast between how China and the United States treat their poor and most vulnerable. China has gone to very great lengths to seek out the poor and help them succeed permanently, beginning this process even when the country was still considered “poor”. America, by any conventional measure, being rich and powerful has ignored its citizens dieing on the streets. It likes to spend its money invading other nations to enrich their chosen few.

Which is the best stratedgy?

Apart from the obvious human rights flaws in the American model, it is clear that China is succeeding in every field and will soon overtake the USA in each. China hasn’t stolen western technology – it graduates over 1 million scientists and engineers each year. The USA likes to graduate lawyers and economists. Which type of people do you think will best serve society?

If you ever wonder why you are hearing and seeing alot more anti-China talk these last few years, it is because the USA has finally realized they have run out of options. Their model is flawed right down to the carbon atoms in the DNA of their elites. Their only option is try to destabilize the competition and unleash chaos. The old divide and rule option. Will it work?

That is up to us. Pls consider sending this to a friend.

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"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free." Goethe

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