Is Media Propaganda Effective? You Bet IT IS!


If the western media is as bad as some people say with regards to brainwashing whole populations around the world, either in support of, or in turning us against certain groups, topics or issues, then can we see this happening in real life?

For example, is a constant association of Islam with violence effective in supporting Islamophobia and Xenophobia ?


Here are just a few examples, one from my own experience.

After the shocking Christchurch terror attack, a white local man posted his experience to the daily national newspaper, the New Zealand Herald. The local man thought he would dress in an Islamic style costume and visit the mosque in his city in order to offer his deep condolences to the muslim community who lived in his city.

What a great act of humanity and compassion right?

The compassionate white man soon found out what it is like to the target of Islamophobia. In less than 5 minutes (literally) of walking on his way to the mosque, a city resident stuck their hand out of a passing car window, making the shape of a gun and shouted, “piaow, piaow, piaow!” leaving the local man shocked and shaken.

Yes, it was only someone’s hand gesture and yes, he wasn’t actually a muslim himself, but it was still a jarring experience.

He went on to say,

“I am a white kiwi male and had walked just a few hundred meters in the shoes of our Muslim community and I had already been a target for violence and abuse.”

This happened to a grown man. Imagine how frightened young Muslim ladies must feel walking in public in our supposedly great city in New Zealand. Or any other western city. How many times do muslim men and women get subject to abuse every day around the world?

Remember – this incident occured AFTER a horribly violent terrorist attack on innocent people. Hate crimes actually increased in New Zealand after this terror attack, a phenomenon that is not unusual globally I’m sad to say.

Was the person who made the violent gun gesture a bad person? I don’t think so. They are just like billions of other good people who have been brainwashed on a whole raft of issues without them even realizing it. That is how powerful, yet how invisible the mainstream media is.

I have my own story about that same Mosque actually.

Many years ago (in the post 9/11 days) and soon after the mosque opened I noticed on my way to work that part of the green mosque fence had fallen over, and their garden was damaged. It looked like a car accident had occurred. Soon afterwards though, the damage was repaired and garden replanted and it looked normal again.

A few weeks later I saw the fence had fallen over again. Another car accident ? The fence and garden were repaired again.

After the fourth time that the fence was damaged, I realized these were not accidents. I was witnessing deliberate acts of terrorism – as defined by the FBI – against innocent people on the streets of my city, in New Zealand. This was the sort of welcome my community was giving to these new residents. The new residents were clearly not welcome in our local community.

9/11 had seen to that.

In a way, by staying silent on this abuse, by not raising this issue publicly myself, I was contributing to the later Christchurch terrorist massacre. I was probably not the only one to observe this going on. But like most people, it is just too easy to look the other way every time. Even after multiple violent invasions of foreign countries, many westerners continue to look the other way.

Media mind control sees to that.

In another case after the Christchurch attack, the NZ Herald reported that, in another small city in a different part of the country, some school boys had finished playing tennis, and one group went to congratulate the victors.

One of the victors, a white kiwi teenager, said directly to one of the other teens, “you look like a Muslim and I want to shoot you.”

NZ Lawyer, Deborah Manning, asks in exasperation,“where are our young people getting these viewpoints from?”

Where indeed? Why do people want to attack mosques and shoot Muslims NZ?

Why do young white active sportspeople in New Zealand want to shoot Muslims? These are truly disturbing images and ideas that we all live amongst every day actually.

It is blatantly obvious where western people – young and old, left or right leaning or even politically disinterested – are getting their negative stereotypical views about Muslims from.

There is only ONE THING that people around the western world all have in common.

Their exposure to the western global mainstream media. 

Pick any media outlet on any subject….it doesn’t matter which. You will see a 24/7 negative word association and negative stereotypes about Muslims and Islam, even when no major event has happened. The occasional “neutral” article is drowned out by a wall of negative noise. Few artices show obvious and clear support for Muslims or Islam. Who would buy or read those anyway?

Today we have a new target – China. That is why elderley chinese people are being sucker punched on American streets. It is why well meaning people in America are organizing patrol groups to accompany chinese people, so that they can live a normal life free from the fear of being attacked by hateful brainwashed people.

So, are you still doubtful of the power of mainstream, respectable media to demonize? And conversely, their power to sanitize acts of war and invasion and killing?

Stick around. The next example will be here soon.

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"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free." Goethe

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