Racism in Full View Each Day


“Muslims” are telling “us”, presumably those British people who wrote this headline or own this newspaper and who, presumably, are not muslim, how to run “our” schools – that is, the British schools, which this headline is saying are not for Muslims. The schools are only for “British” people, or at least, only non-muslim people, whether they are British or not. Which means Muslims are not British. I think. The logic is a bit hard to follow although the intent is crystal clear.

It seems every generation of immigrants everywhere has a harder time fitting in than the previous one.

Maybe that is because it has been a “go-to” media story for generations that “immigrants steal your jobs”….

And don’t think it is just the awful British tabloids which publish this offensive and derogatory stuff about Muslims and immigrants. Although they are very good at it.


The newspapers in Australia are pretty good at openly attacking immigrants too – in this case above, the Sydney Daily Telegraph attacking… you guessed it – the Australians of Chinese origin.

After the shocking white supremacy terrorist attack in Christchurch, New Zealand in 2019, where 51 innocent bystanders were murdered in their places of worship, the common question asked was, “how could something like this happen?.

It is certain most people were genuinely disgusted and dismayed by the shooting.

However, the event wasn’t really that unpredictable, when you realise what sort of media we have in the world, a media that routinely prints inflammatory, racist and probably not even factual headlines, like the examples above. And this is called “business.” This sort of stuff is allowed to continue.

Why aren’t more people offended by this sort of every day media activity to the point that their sales drop to near zero or they are forced by public pressure to desist from such activity? After all, junk media only exists because there is a market for it. It exists because people want to buy it.

Even in little New Zealand there is most definitely a closet racism itch that has been successfully scratched by some of our political parties for generations, parties which usually pattern themselves in the long established mould like,

” X First” – where you insert the name of your country in place of the “X”.

Many countries have had political parties named or fashioned after this idea. It was one of Donald Trump’s regular jingles that it would now be, “America First.” Australia has had a party named like this and I think some in Europe too. Even in NZ.

Their intent is always the same. There is an “us” and a “them”. They follow the ancient and highly successful stratedgy of all colonializers and conquerers – divide and rule.

We haven’t really come that far as a species have we?

Sorry – I have to go now to get today’s paper!

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"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free." Goethe

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