Palestine and Xinjiang : One and the Same Thing

In the short comments above, acclaimed film maker and journalist John Pilger outlines why the issues underlying the slow, inexorable genocide of the Palestinian people and the issues underlying fabricated genocide in Xinjiang, China are one and the same thing.

They are both about a fading empire desparately trying to maintain their control over others.

The Palestinians have been sold out so many times by their regional cousins and by western powers and they have few resources to call on – mainly, the moral highground and the flimsical hope that a majority of westerners will one day understand the historical processes at work during the creation of Israel. And how and why Israel and the land it is made from, Palestine, are what they are.

When any reasonable person truly understands these process, I believe they will support the Palestinian people and their right to their own land. The global processes which have led to such great injustice in Palestine are the same processes that are playing out today in Xinjiang. However, in Palestine, the processes of western propaganda and their wars have been active for 70 years and the victim is weak and without much support.

The propaganda against China, and Xinjiang in particular is fairly new and the victim is becoming increasingly powerful.

It is not for nothing that China has gone, in a few short years since 2015 from this…


President Xi Jingping was treated to a full scale British state visit, complete with trips to the pub and selfies with his good mate UK PM David Cameron, as well as grand accomodation and state dinners with Queen Elizabeth. They were heady days back in 2015.

But those days are long gone and now we have these, pretty much all at the same time. Coincidence? Or is it because the west woke up the amazing opportunities that China can offer the world, if left alone?


These issues in China are not new, but they have certainly all been highly inflamed since 2015. Why is that ?

Because the United States in particular sees China’s new role in the world with fear and envy. President Xi Jinping’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) will transform the world for the better in my opinion. America now realizes this and they know that the bulk of the poorer countries in the world that have been bypassed for decade after decade by the major western powers will ask, “why didn’t you help us like China is today when you had the chance?”

The only answer to that is not flattering to the centuries of western led colonialism and domination that extracted the resources from its subject nations, but did little to improve the basic infrastructures of life to help the local people. China is doing that today with the BRI.

At any rate, America has done little to update its own infrastructure, instead choosing to give its money to financial elites and spending it on endess wars. So infrastructure building anywhere is not America’s strongpoint anymore.

John Pilger has also correctly stated that if you can fully understand the issue of Palestine, since the 19th century until today, and how Israel was created from it, then you will understand every issue around the globe. I used to be fooled by western propaganda until I started to do my own research and thinking. That is when I understood what Israel represents and how it came into being. And the role played by the UK and USA in creating a nation upon another people’s land.

And now I can see, as John Pilger said, how these same processes play out around the world every day.

It should be becoming increasingly obvious that the “leadership” of the USA, if it ever really existed, is coming to an end and not before time.

The only question is – will they go quietly or will they take much of the world down with them?

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"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free." Goethe

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