More American Parents are Buying Bullet-proof Backpacks for Kids

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Is this headline the poster child of a failed state or what? Children wearing bullet proof back packs to school?

How irresponsible are those parents ? Do they also buy a bullet proof vest for their children’s frontal regions or do they coldly ignore this risk and send them off to school nakedly exposed to a head on bullet?

What if you live in Florida and it is one of the teachers who gets a bit trigger happy? Do you need to move to another state where the teachers themselves are not armed?

In 2019, the US state of Florida passed legislation allowing teachers to carry guns to school.

These headlines come as no surprise to many as the violence that America has unleashed on the world comes about for the same reasons that they have suffered from so much violence in their society. The two must be linked right?

The phenomenon of mass shootings and domestic terrorist attacks are unique to the United States. More people are shot each day in America than are shot in a year in Britain. Why is this? What sort of thinking and societal priorities exist in a culture like this?

Has the United States ever really left the days of the Wild West? When the fastest hired gunslingers ruled. Is it any different today? There were over 100,000 hired guns in Iraq at one point. Privitizing knows no boundaries it seems and is present in any era.

The United States needs to take a good long look in the mirror. Before it can hope it improve its society and culture, it must acknowledge its problems. I think it is far from that point. Who is going to help the people recognize the issues? Politicians are hopelessly disconnected from the people they are supposed to serve and disconnected from reality itself. The mainstream media are too invested in chaos and suffering to do anything, even if they wanted. Remember the golden rule of the media, for maximun profit generation,

“If it bleeds, it leads.”

I don’t think many Americans are even aware that they have constructed history’s largest and most powerful empire. So how will they know what is happening to them when that empire decays to the point of ruin?

Will Americans simply blame each other? Blame other nations like China? President Trump has shown how easily that xenophobic itch is to scratch. Will there be another civil war as I have long postulated?

Let’s hope America one day wakes up from its zombie like status and its people can effect real change, both at home and, by minding their business more, overseas as well.

Closing down the American military regional hub on the remote Chagos island of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean and handing back the land to its rightful owners would be a good start.

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"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free." Goethe

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