The Dishonesty of the BBC

The once widely respected BBC, the State owned British broadcaster, has really sunk to new low levels with its various tricks and fakery to promote or dishevel, as the case may be, a person or a cause.

Here are but three examples,

a) “Comrade” Jeremy Corbyn.

The British Labour party continues to implode due to the ongoing internal wars between the traditional Labour “left”, led by figures such as Mr Corbyn and the newer, American influenced “neo liberals” (I can’t stand labels but they often do the job) represented by the new Labour leader Keir Starmer and former leader, liar and war mongerer Tony Blair.

Mr Corbyn has spoken out publicly many times against American wars in the middle east; even worse, as Labour leader, he promoted policies that the public liked, eg: keeping people’s assets like railways and hospitals under state, not private control. Record numbers of people joined the Labour Party under his leadership.

Those two things – popular policies that shut out elites and promoting antiwar views – are a recipe for disaster for the neo-conservative Washington and London elites who need the increasingly thinning veneer of respectibility that UK support for American based war mongering and financial thievery gives them.

And so, the prospect of the UK Primeminister ever being Jeremy Corbyn was terrifying to these elites. Consequently, Mr Corbyn was the subect of one of the worst character assassination programs in UK politics during the run up to the 2019 election. The BBC image below typifies this plot.

The BBC’s flagship evening news program, Newsnight, and its celebrity host Emily Maitlis are seen below presenting a feature on Jeremy Corbyn which would have been watched by millions of voters.


If you are over 60 years old, this image will instantly mean something to you. The old communist Soviet Union era disappeared in the 90s, but the images and emotions that the old Soviet era has on older people are still strong. The UK also had union problems up until the Thatcher era, and it was known that the Soviets were likely to be supporting the union’s cause to some degree. So “red” images such as this are still highly (and negatively) significant to many midde aged and older voters.

You know, all the fear and loathing and general devil worshiping things that are represented in the above BBC image of Mr Corbyn. I’m surprised they didn’t have horns coming out of his head. Maybe that was discussed but discarded as being too much.

At any rate, the BBC Newsnight team got the hatchet job done very well – the very wide background of the shot is red, (blood and communist colour), the picture is set beside the unmistakeable architecture of Red Square Moscow, the bloody “Empire of the Sun” flag of the brutal WW2 Japanese government is there too (the sun “rays” eminating immediately behind Corbyn) and just to top things off – literally in this case – Mr Corbyn is seen wearing a traditional Soviet era “Cossack” style hat.

It simply couldn’t get any more blatant if the BBC photoshopped images of Mr Corbyn in a devil’s costume, beheading nuns in wheelchairs, and dancing on the corpses whilst chanting satanic verses.

And shockingly, millions of people fell for this. Even as far away as New Zealand.

Compare and contrast how the BBC treated the candidate chosen by the elites for UK Primeminister – Boris Johnson – during the same 2019 election campaign.

Mr Johnson has a reputation of being a bit of a buffoon, a likeable but bumbling figure. Maybe it is true, maybe not. I don’t know.

But, during the 2019 Memorial Day Wreath laying ceremony in London, held during the election campaign, which is a very solemn and dignified occasion where dignitairies are tasked with the fairly simple job of laying a wreath at a memorial to fallen soldiers, Boris Johnson’s bumbling and buffoonery was on full display.

In the 2019 ceremony, a screenshot of which is seen below on the right, Mr Johnson left his position in dignitary the lineup before it was his time to lay the wreath, and so he had to turn around and walk back to where he was standing, by which time, it really WAS time for him to lay the wreath. And so he had to turn around for a second time and walk back again to lay the wreath.

When Boris Johnson gets to the memorial in 2019, the wreath slips from his grasp before he could lay it and he fumbles it to the ground. Eventually, he successfully leaves it at the foot of the memorial – but he leaves it upside down, meaning the handwritten notes from the relatives of dead soldiers which are attached to the wreath can’t be read properly.

This performance was a PR disaster. AND, during an election campaign.

But none of this matters because it is the fake news BBC to Boris Johnson’s rescue!

The image on the left, where Mr Johnson has a different hairstyle and is wearing different clothes comes from BBC footage of the same ceremony in 2016. In order to save Mr Johnson the embarassment of his multiple failures in carrying out even the simpliest tasks of a solemn and publicly broadcast live event – during an election campaign – the BBC simply substituted the 2016 footage on the left during their evening news bulletin, and never showed the actual 2019 bumbling footage at all.

Textbook Censorship.

St Boris Johnson 1; Devil Worshipper Jeremy Corbyn -5

2016 Ceremony Left; 2019 Ceremony Right – BBC Fake News

Great to have friends like the BBC huh? Corbyn didn’t handle the Brexit question as well as he should have, but when you are up against powerful media enemies you really have not got a chance at all in winning public support.

And finally the BBC is continuing to do its fake picture things with China as well. Many westerners now live and work and raise families in China and they make Youtube videos about life in China. And to the rapidly crumbling elites in London and Washington, the last thing they want is for the world to know what life in China is really like for most people. That is – for most of China’s 1.4 billion people life is immeasurably better than it was a generation ago. Young people in China today have lives their parents could only dream about and lives their grandparents could not even contemplate or imagine.

The lives of westerners, particularly in America, are going in the opposite direction sadly, due to decades of war mongering and societal neglect, both things that China has not done. So the big western media giants have to do all they can to make China look bad, even down to changing the colours of the trees in China. Like this,


Western Vlogger and current resident in China, Jason Lightfoot made it all the way to the BBC headlines ! But of course, the BBC didn’t show Jason wearing a cossack hat. That wasn’t the angle this time. The BBC instead took much of the bright and natural colours of China out of the pictures they uplifted from his youtube video…

OMG – how desparate is that?

Haven’t these old fossils at the BBC heard of the internet? People can go see China either for themselves, as millions are, or see China online in unbiased blogs in an instant these days. The BBC is just playing into the hands of older people many of whom will no doubt already have negative attitudes about foreigners anyway.

Well, let’s hope that is all who are believing this relentless fear campaign about China coming from America, Britain and Australia. You know, those morally upright white people who bought us the invasion and destruction of Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Guatamala, etc etc….and all the lies that went with those.

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"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free." Goethe

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