The Jews You’ve Never Heard of and Why They Support Palestine So Passionately

Tue, 25 May at 10:22 am

Strictly Orthodox Jews are those traditionally dressed people you see in big American cities such as New York or praying at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. They are passionate supporters of the Palestinian people, and always have been.

Yes, that’s right. Strictly observant Jews want the state of Israel peacefully dismantled and the land returned to the Palestinian people for they know the Palestinians are the righful owners of Palestine. They have openly protested for this cause since 1948 but few westerners know this.

What is the global mainstream media doing that so few westerners know this? Why do they hide this?

In 2021, 20,000 Orthodox Jews gathered in New York to protest against Israel.

Tens of thousands of Strictly Orthodox Jews protest in American cities against the state of Israel and in support of the Palestinians. 

The Western media rarely covers these protests. They happen, but they don’t happen.

There are over 1 million strictly orthodox Jews in Israel.

In the scene above, taken in Israel in 2020, about 400,000 strictly orthodox Jews protest at the Zionist government’s new law removing their exemption from military service, in place since 1948. Most strictly orthodox Jews refuse to serve in the military due to their religious convictions of not killing people or stealing their land. That is what I call real faith in your beliefs.

Strictly Orthodox Jews make up a significant minority of the Jewish population and they want Israel peacefully dismantled and the land returned to the Palestinians. The two parties often protest together in public. Have you seen them together before?

Zionism is a secular political movement and is, therefore, the correct term for the secular rulers of Israel. Not all Jews are Zionists but Zionists mostly claim to be Jews.


It is sometimes easy to spot the difference. eg: Zionists often wear uniforms or are armed. Strictly Observing Jews wear traditional costume, such as in the picture above, and are non-violent.

The state of Israel has been created in such a way that there is no solution to the issues there and there never has been a solution. 

Most people do not know this truth and they can not know it, for if people knew the truth, the issues would be settled overnight. So, decade after decade, the farce of a “peace process” or “the two state” solution continues to be parrotted by world leaders and their media, when, in the reality on the ground, the Palestinians lose more and more ground each year. Eventually, there must be nothing left at all if the trends continue.

one-state solution – with equal rights for all – is impossible as the Zionist rulers would be in a minority against Palestinians, Arabs and Orthodox Jews (who all support Palestine). Israel would have to be a true democracy if it were one state, instead of the apartheid state it is, ruled by the minority Zionists against the majority.

Consideration has never been given to a two-state solution either. This notion has always been simply a diversion in order to create the time required to remove all the Palestinians from their homes in broad daylight.

Palestine really dissolved before it even started. It is a sham and a global shame that blights the western colonial powers, particularly Great Britian that created the sham and the United States, that allows it to continue.

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"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free." Goethe

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