Brilliant Piece Written About How Subtle Media Distractions Are Used to Blur Our Vision


Read “The Conversation That Never Happened” below.

Do you see the dots?

Do you understand that even if you see some dots, they still all have to be connected?

From my experience, few people see enough dots at any one time, to get a real picture of the world.

Think of it as a very old television screen. If the screen isn’t very good and not many dots are glowing on the screen at any one time, then the viewer won’t really see an accurate picture.

Unlike a television, in today’s world, media and large governments are behind your television cutting the wires that make the dots you see on the screen. They don’t want you to see any dots. They want you to see just a fuzzy and uninteresting blur on the screen. So uninteresting in fact, that you turn off the television and don’t look at anything at all.

Which is not all bad actually, as the big media outlets now are so dishonest and corrupt that viewing them is bad for your eye sight.

But you can still get a very clear picture of the dots of the world by going outside the mainstream media, to view private and citizen based media. And you can travel with an open mind and you can view the world you see impartially.

That is how you find the dots. After a while, you will start to see more and more dots and then, recognise how they all fit together.

You will be seeing the world in 8K definition and no amount of dot manipulation and propaganda will blur your vision.

So look for the dots yourself starting today ! Turn off the mainstream media.

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"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free." Goethe

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