The Last Decent Person in Washington?


President Jimmy Carter speaks to the American people about themselves, their culture and the crisis of confidence of the nation, in 1979. (4 mins)


Above are a few minutes of TRUTH that was delivered by US President Jimmy Carter in 1979, 42 years ago.

Carter’s full speech (33 mins) can be seen online as well. He was amazingly inciteful and so far ahead of his time. The people are only slowly realizing his wisdom.

Many people today say we need “straight talkers” in Washington. Honest and decent leaders that tell the voter “how it is.” Leaders who will drain the swamp, take back Washington, end the rule of the elites. You know the sort of stuff.

Well, America had that type of leader four decades ago and for his truth and honesty and plain talking, President Carter was rewarded with one of the biggest electoral defeats in American Presidential history.

The American voters gave a landslide victory to a former movie star, Ronald Reagan, who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease, some say whilst still in office, some say it was not during his time as President. After all, the official diagnosis was not made until 1994, 6 years after leaving office.

But one thing is for sure. President Reagan frequently used “cue cards” whilst in office, even in his first term. Leaders who met with him have commented on his use of these cards, supposedly to enable him to remember all the points he wanted to make.



So, the American voters were crazy about Ronald Reagan and his cue cards and gentle humour, handing him an even bigger landslide victory 4 years later in 1988, with ALL states but one, voting for Reagan – a record.

Clearly, voters were not too keen on the simple honest truths of Jimmy Carter, even if he could speak without cue cards.

Even historians and experts rate the Carter presidency in the bottom half of the “most effective list”, on a level approximate to that of George W Bush in some cases. That tells us something about historians and experts. And many people believe these things.

It is recommended for Americans in particular to listen to the full Carter speech above. They will undoubtedly be shocked at his warnings. For as bad as American society was 42 years ago, it must be almost unrecognizable to President Carter today.

No wonder that in 2017, President Carter called his nation – the United States of America – the nation that he spoke so proudly about in 1979, as ” the most warlike nation in history.”

Just as President Carter was correct in 1979, he was correct again in 2017. He has had to watch and endure his nation start endless wars of aggression, based on falsehoods and lies.

He has had to endure a mainstream media that aides and abettes in deception by the endless promotion of fake wars.

And now we see America’s sites turning to the creation of a new target to demonize – China. A country that has not been at war for many decades, as Carter also points out.

President Jimmy Carter has done more than enough in speaking out against America’s wars of aggression. He is well into his twilight years and has earned his rest. It will be very sad when he passes. The world will be a little worse off.

Now it is time for the rest of us to speak out against fake wars, where ever they come from.

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"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free." Goethe

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