Is China Spying – It’s the USA That Often Gets Caught!


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Formal apologies from the Whitehouse abond as America gets caught over again spying even on its closest friends and allies.

The list of foreign countries, foreign leaders and international organizations that the United States has been caught spying on continues to grow. With friends like America, who needs to worry about Russia or China?

Of course, the mainstream media will tell you that Russia and China are the big threats.

Today’s Angela Merkel, Leader of Germany and President Emanuel Macron of France are just the tip of a gigantic ice-berg that the American NSA spies on.

The American spying on their friends is often about commercial and financial interests – when Washington is going into trade talks or talks about NATO funding with EU “allies”, it is a great bonus to already know what your opposite number, say the President of France, is going to be talking about BEFORE the talks begin, right?

Washington already has their case prepared to counter the opposition before Air Force 1 touches down at the airport.

As President Franklin Roosevelt once said, “nothing happens by accident in politics.”

And if you already know everything about your friends and enemies before you talk to them, there isn’t much room for accidents is there?

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