Iran’s Nuclear Program : There are No Weapons there either

Sorting Fact from Propaganda

“There is little doubt that even before the JCPOA deal’s existence, Iran was violating its terms.”

2019 quote from the Trump whitehouse – will Biden’s attitude be any better ?

For many years, one of the most targeted nations for western propaganda has been the ancient nation of Iran, or Persia as it used to be known historically.

Yes, Iran hangs people, like other nations still use the death penalty and it has an authoritarian religious government. However that is no reason to regularly lie about it.

There are many deliberately misrepresented aspects of Iran circulated by the western media and some governments, so I thought it might help to put Iran’s so called “breach” of what was the international multi party and UN backed JCPOA Iran Nuclear agreement (now defunct) into proper perspective.

The media will never tell you the facts in their proper context.

By way of an intro, 31 countries currently employ nuclear power, France generating the bulk (75%) of its electricity from nuclear energy. So these 31 nations including France, Iran and many other western nations have a “nuclear program.” France in fact has a nuclear generation program AND a nuclear weapons program. Iran does not have both.

Many countries are turning to nuclear power generation in order to reduce their carbon emissions, as nuclear power does not emit carbon, thereby meeting the requirements to reduce their carbon emissions.

Iran has signed the International Nuclear Non Proliferation treaty (NPT) which allows for independent IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) inspections to inspect and verify a country’s nuclear activity. 
(Note: Israel has never signed the NPT, and has never publically acknowledged its nuclear weapons program. Theirs is a weapons program, not an electricity generation program and is estimated to consist of over 400 nuclear missiles.)

So what is Iran doing with its Uranium nuclear power program then?

Uranium (symbol U) mineral ore is a naturally occuring mineral found in the ground and is mined and processed for a variety of purposes, from medical diagnoses, electricity generation and, unfortunately, in some cases, military weapons as well.

The natural ore found in the ground is a mixture of different forms of Uranium, mostly U238 (coloured BLUE below) with only a little U235 – the useful bit, (coloured RED). 

Natural Uranium Ore is represented by the upper most pie chart below – it consists of mostly blue U238 and is relatively harmless, as it does not contain much U235.

By slightly refining the natural Uranium ore in what are called Centrifuges, nations are able to increase the amount of Red U235 to make the material useful for domestic purposes such as electricity generation. This is represented by the middle chart – this is what Iran and the other nations agreed it would be allowed to do.

Under the UN backed agreement Iran had negotiated with the western powers (USA, UK, France, EU plus China and Russia), Iran agreed to limit its refining of Uranium ore to a maximum of 3.7% Red U 235 in line with Iran’s use of low grade Uranium ore to generate electricity.

Iran’s limiting of its Uranium enrichment to 3.7% U235, meant that it was agreeing to use a less pure, less efficient grade Uranium in its nuclear power generation reactors than it otherwise could have used. But by agreeing to limit the purity to only 3.7%, Iran was ensuring it could never be accused of making a nuclear weapon as this grade is far too weak for that purpose. It would be like trying to sell some dusty mineral deposits containing a tiny amount of gold in a flash jewellers store.

This grade – 3.7% U 235 – is very, very far from the purity of Uranium required to make a nuclear weapon, which at 90+% U235 is a completely different material, as seen above in the bottom chart – where the chart is now mostly Red U 235. Alot of refining is necessary to make this pure grade and Iran agreed NOT to do this and has always said it does not want to ever do this.

The 6 party Iran Nuclear International agreement was made water tight, and backed by UN Resolution, because it was glibly assumed that if anyone tried to break the deal it would be Iran. As it has turned out it was not Iran but the United States that illegally withdrew from the agreement.

Iran has been complying with all aspects of the nuclear deal, as verified by ongoing IAEA inspections and reports, carried out inside Iran.

Since the USA withdrew from the JCPOA nuclear deal, the remaining western parties to the agreement, the EU, UK and France have done little to help Iran with sanctions relief for the Iranian people, relief that Iran was owed by JCPOA agreement, after it was acknowledged as having complied with all of its responsibilities.

But due to no fault of its own, Iran still finds itself the subject of slander and threats from western powers, having done its part to uphold the agreement.

So, Iran’s patience finally ran out – but by just a tiny bit.

Iran had given up alot and received nothing in return from its efforts.

Iran announced it was intending to enrich Uranium ore above the 3.7% limit from the now defunct nucllear agreement, to 4.5% U 235. 

But putting this in perspective – which the media will never do – look again at the pie charts above. 

Nuclear energy grade Uranium for electricity generation (the middle pie chart) can be up to 20% U235 in strength, though often only about 3-4%.

Iran’s then announced an increase of its enrichment of Uranium 235 from the agreed 3.7% to 4.5%. 

From the coloured graphs, we can see that is an extremely small and insignificant increase
 and still very far from the upper limit of 20% U235 that can be legitimately and safely used in some nuclear power plants to generate electricity.

And even if Iran continued to increase its Uranium refining all the way to 20% U235, that is still FAR BELOW the 90+% U235 that’s required to make a nuclear bomb.

So, when you see the context and perspective of the matter we can see that Iran is proceeding very responsibly and still adhering to the spirit of the now defunct nuclear agreement.

But that doesn’t stop many senior USA government and media figures from spreading shameless lies and misrepresentations. Instead of keeping such discussions in context, these government people have gone before the cameras and journalists and routinely talk of “halting Iran’s nuclear weapons program”.

They know Iran does NOT have a nuclear weapons program – their agreed U235 refinement limits are far too weak to build a weapon. Iran has a nuclear electricity generation program. But still people like former National Security Advisor John Bolton continue to mislead the world by spreading such false statements and the media, as always, just parrot these false statements without checking anything.

Or maybe the media either don’t care that these statements are wrong ? Who knows.

Iran has acted very responsibly in this matter but the nation, like Venezeula, Cuba and others, is still suffering greatly under American sanctions. It is hoped that these severe sanctions will over time, cause sufficient stress and suffering to ordinary people that they will revolt, and in the resulting chaos, western powers can intervene and impliment governments more to their liking.

Check this out for more….

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