French Colonial Horrors in Algeria

Western Wars and Persecution Usually Go Unnoticed


I recently watched a documentary about the 8 years long Algerian War of Independence against France, lasting from 1954-1962.

I had no clue just how vicious and violent and devastating this conflict was. France officially claims the dead numbered “only” about 500,000. Algeria claims 1.5 – 3.0 million dead. Whatever the figure, it seems the echoes of tragedy are still being heard on the streets of France today.

The above article from France24 written on the 50th anniversary of the end of the war in 2012, sheds light on the atrocity that was the 8 year French war against Algeria.

The National Archives of France that this article refers to contain very little on this brutal 8-year European colonial war, the entry only being 4 paragraphs long.
No mention is made of the “Harkis” – native Algerians who served with distinction in the French security forces but were massacred by the thousands when France withdrew.

Little reference is made to the hoards of “Pieds-noirs” – French Europeans who had made their life in Algeria but left everything and fled en masse to return to a France that they never really knew and which did not welcome them.

And NO MENTION at all is made of the OAS (Organisation Armee Secret), a French terrorist organization formed by members of the French armed services who refused to accept independence for Algeria and tried to prevent it. 

The OAS unleashed a bloodbath of terrorist attacks in 1961-62 in France and Algeria, killing thousands of innocent people in just 2 years.
Several attempts were made by the OAS to assassinate then-President Charles de Gaulle who had granted independence to Algeria.

Asked why so little information on these vast state atrocities is present in the French National Archives, spokesman Phillippe Richard George commented,
“The National Archives management decided that right now, (2012) it is still a sensitive subject, and to go into detail would risk sparking protests.”

During the 2007 presidential campaign, Nicolas Sarkozy promised that once in power he would officially recognize France’s “responsibility in the abandonment and killing of French Muslims who trusted France so that the forgotten will not be killed again.”
Recognition never came. 5 years later during the presidential campaign of 2012, Sarkozy instead commented that France will not “repent” for unleashing the Algerian war.
“Atrocities were committed on both sides…these atrocities…. must be condemned but France cannot repent for having conducted this war.”

(The “atrocities-on-both-sides” argument is commonly used by Empires to obfuscate their hugely disproportionate use of force and the overwhelming guilt they should feel at causing huge death and suffering. See Iraq / West’s use of chemical weapons against Iran in 1980-88. Iran never possessed or used such WMDs but the West invoked the “fault on both sides canard” and falsely claimed “these chemcial weapons were used by both sides”).

It seems to me that Algeria’s hardly mentioned 8-year war of independence was particularly relevant today as it provides context to, and invites comparison with the wall-to-wall global mainstream media coverage we see whenever a comparatively minor Muslim terror attack occurs in France.

For example, in the last 8 years since 2013 – the same time period as the Algerian war of independence – Islamic terrorist attacks in France have resulted in a total of 257 deaths according to Wikipedia.
These deaths should be condemned and are condemned very prominently and repeatedly in the global media. 

But when will the millions of dead at the hands of European empire builders in Muslim Algeria receive the global exposure they deserve? Why is it basically secret? What is the media doing? Or, more correctly, not doing ?

What links exist between the brutal war of independence in Muslim Algeria and modern Islamic terrorism in France?

Why does the global media continually focus on relatively tiny numbers of deaths caused by Islamic terror, whilst at the same time, ignore far greater atrocities that are very likely related?

Aren’t all human lives equally sacred?

France remembers the Algerian War, 50 years onFrance remembers the Algerian War, 50 years onHalf a century ago, representatives of the French government and the main Algerian nationalist party signed the Evian Accords ending the Algerian War. But it also unleashed a series of traumatic even…

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