Mainstream Media’s Famous Figures, Easily Manipulated?

CNN Technical Director was previously caught on tape stating only easily manipulated people ever feature on CNN – like these people maybe?

A frequent guest commentator on CNN was former presidential candidate Rick Santorum – a public Zionist supporter.

Santorum was recently removed as a commentator from CNN after comments he had made about the white settlement of America back in 2012, 

“We birthed a nation from nothing in America. I mean, there was nothing here.”“I mean, yes, we have Native Americans, but candidly, there isn’t much Native American culture in American culture.”

Mr. Santorum has expressed similar views in the past about the Palestinians, although he was still hired by CNN subsequent to him making those comments. 

Is Mr Santorum, who has taken controversial public stands on topical issues a fair and reliable person to feature on a major TV News channel?

Another guest commentator on CNN when discussing the Middle East is Michael Oren, (born Michael Bornstein) seen below being interviewed on the topic of Iran by Wolf Blitzer at CNN.

Mr. Oren, who is Jewish, is the former Israeli ambassador to Washington. 
Is he a neutral guest to feature on a major TV News network when discussing Iran? 


CNNs Wolfe Blitzer (left) interviewing Michael Oren (right) on Iran


Much to the anger of Israel and the Arab royal dictators of the Middle East, Persian Iran has been a loyal friend and ally of the Palestinians for many years.

It’s probably very galling for the Sunni Muslim and the Arab leaders in the Middle East to see their poor Sunni Muslim Palestinian brothers receive overt public support only from their second class Shia Muslim cousins in Iran.

But the Sunni Palestinians have been all but deserted by their wealthy Sunni Muslim neighbours, who have, one by one, increasingly followed the Zionist line for reasons only known to themselves.

But it is not just the guest commentators regularly featuring on CNN who have Zionist connections.

In the interview above, even the senior CNN News anchor has a little known connection to Israel, according to Al jazeera.

In the long and detailed career profile of Wolf Blitzer featured on the CNN website, nowhere is it mentioned that in the late 1980s, Mr. Blitzer, who is Jewish, was a paid lobbyist for AIPAC – American Israel Public Affairs Committee – one of the largest and most powerful Zionist and Israeli lobby groups.

Wolf Blitzer was a paid lobbyist for the Israeli government in the late 1980s according to TV network Al jazeera.

That other “face of CNN”, Anderson Cooper, also has a little omission on his official employment record. 
Cooper, son of Gloria Vanderbilt, and therefore an heir to the huge Vanderbilt fortune, spent two summers working for the CIA during his formative years. You know, as you do.

Anderson Cooper – former CIA intern


Perhaps the senior media figures at CNN and the guests they choose to interview are all consummate professionals who provide impartial comments on the chosen topics at all times. 

Or perhaps, much more likely is that CNN Technical Director, Charlie Chester was completely correct when he was secretly captured on tape saying that only easily manipulated people ever feature on CNN as guests….and maybe as the commentators and hosts as well!

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