Mainstream Media Propaganda called Out by Citizen Journalists!




Below is another excellent example of “citizen journalism” in action, in this case a video amde to discuss the blatant bias of mainstream media such as the BBC and CNN, on issues such as Palestine. 



The discussion centers around the performances of three prominent mainstream media figures, 

1) Ms Emily Maitlis, above, host of the prestigious BBC Newsnight show, attempts to bring the interview narrative back to “Hamas aggression” when interviewing the Palestinian ambassador.

2) a CNN interviewer who instantly ends an interview after an excellent response in reply to the interviewer’s attempted narrative framing question against Hamas, and

3) Ned Price, a Biden spokesman on the Middle East who turns himself inside out trying not to say forbidden words, in response to fair and reasonable questioning.


If 20 minutes is too long to watch, just forward to the 15 mins mark to hear the funniest and most tragic section – the Whitehouse spokesman Price desperately trying NOT to speak words that he knows are forbidden to be spoken.

“Self defense often does authorize the use of force,”  Whitehouse spokesman Price initially says in his official comments (when referring to Israel naturally…)

Ok Ned, so the obvious follow-up question therefore is, which is then asked by a reporter,

“Do the Palestinians have a right to self-defense?”

This is where Whitehouse spokesperson Price gets himself into all sorts of trouble. It is shocking to watch actually.

Even if he contradicts himself, even if he makes a fool of himself, even if everyone watching knows what the correct answer should be to this fair and reasonable question, Mr Price knows that he just CAN NOT publicly say anything positive about Hamas or the Palestinians, or grant them any rights or respect.

That is not following the very long established narrative.

On the other hand, many European countries have made any criticism of Israel a crime. 
Is that because of guilt maybe? Fascism?

Why should the Palestinian people have to pay for the centuries-long persecution of the Jewish people by Europeans?

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