CNN Director Admits “All Mainstream Media is Biased” Part 2

Comments go mostly unreported in mainstream media

Sort of proving Mr Chester’s point about bias


I’m not saying the Western media are the only ones to engage in propaganda, but the West did invent modern propaganda and it is critical to understand that they use it extensively in western media presentations every day.

Charlie Chester of CNN confirms this.

CNN Director Charles Chester, right, caught on tape accidentally exposing maintream media bias.

Mr Charles Chester, Technical Director of CNN continues to illuminate and confirm what most of us knew anyway – that the global mainstream news media is hopelessly biased and agenda driven for profits. They create news – real or not – and do not simply “report” news as is their actual role.

See Parts 1 and 3 for his other comments.

Here are some of Mr Chester comments on mainstream media bias, unaware he is being recorded,

“No one ever says these things out loud but it’s obvious.There’s no such thing as unbiased (mainstream media) news. It just doesn’t exist. There are too many agendas. It’s impossible.” 

“The most unbiased news is now grassroots, out of people’s basements with podcasts. That’s the most unbiased you can probably get.” 

(“The Grayzone” is one of many excellent unbiased grassroots sites IMHO)

“Listen to the way they (mainstream media interviewers such as those on CNN) ask questions. They’re not actually asking questions. They’re telling the person what to say. There’s an art form to it.” 

“The only people that we will let on the air, for the most part, are those that have a proven track record at taking the bait (being manipulated).”

“I mean it (mainstream media techniques of biased and agenda driven propaganda) is enough to change the world you know.”

“(you’re asking about) Covid? Gangbusters with the ratings, which is why we constantly have the death toll on the side (of the screen). It’s fear…fear really drives the numbers (ratings).”

Mr Chester also confirms what astute current affairs followers also know already – that the only place to get unbiased news and information is from the huge number of “citizen media” outlets that have popped up over the decades. Outlets started by people who are fed up with being lied to and taken for idiots by the global mainstream media outlets such as CNN, CBS, ABC, NY Times, BBC, ITV etc….

This new web site in fact, “The Font Blog” is just my very modest effort at sharing and supporting these private citizen initiatives and trying to put another perspective in front of people on topical issues. That is why even just ONE shared post by YOU, and encouraging others to do the same, all helps to overcome the propaganda we all live under every day. It will help to undercover truth.

No one else will do that for you and CERTAINLY not the mainstream media.

Tq :o)

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"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free." Goethe

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