Genocide Story of Uyghurs in China is Full of Holes

Their goal is to destroy everyone

Uighur camp detainees allege.

By Matthew Hill, David Campanale and Joel Gunter
BBC News
2 February, 2021

This shocking headline blared out from the BBC News earlier in 2021 as alleged concentration camp survivor, Ms Tursunay Ziyawudun, stated that the Chinese government was determined to destroy ALL of the Uyghurs. She told her story on many global mainstream media outlets.

Ms Ziyawudun first appeared in the international media to talk about Xinjiang on Radio Free Asia in October 2019. She was in Kazakhstan at the time of the interview, her husband’s country of origin, and made no allegations of any harsh treatment of any kind in her comments. Radio Free Asia, like many of the organizations associated with and promoting the genocide and concentration camp stories circling the globe, is partially funded by the American government.

Again, on February 15, 2020, when the American BuzzFeed News interviewed her, she said she was “terrified she might be raped,” but reiterated that she “wasn’t beaten or abused” when recounting her experiences.

Then In September 2020, the Uyghur Human Rights Project (UHRP) became aware of Ms Tursunay. The UHRP, like the World Uyghur Congress (WUC), receives ongoing financial support from the American government.

The BBC’s report above said that it was the US govt funded UHRP which helped Ms. Tursunay to get to the USA where she is now applying to stay. 

After the American govt funded UHRP became involved with Ms. Tursunay, her testimony began to change. She now claimed that she had indeed been raped in Xinjiang training centers. This claim appeared in the 2020 BBC report, along with other minor changes to her responses – responses that made her new testimony more dramatic and shocking. 

For example, she now said in 2020 that “her earrings were yanked out causing her ears to bleed,” whereas in previous interviews she had simply said, “(the authorities) told the women to take off their necklaces and earrings.”

In the earlier 2019 BuzzFeed interview she said: “I wasn’t beaten or abused.” In her later 2020 interviews she said she was beaten and raped.

And she now cried alot….

Ms Ziyawudun is Uighur. Her husband is a Kazakh. According to her interview comments, the couple returned to Xinjiang in late 2016 after a five-year stay in Kazakhstan. Both of their passports were confiscated she claimed.

 A few months later, she was told by police to attend a meeting alongside other Uighurs and Kazakhs. This first stint in detention was comparatively easy, she said, with decent food and access to her phone. After a month she developed stomach ulcers and was released. Her husband’s passport was returned and he went back to Kazakhstan to work, but authorities kept Ziawudun’s passport, supposedly because she was considered high risk. 

On 9 March 2018, with her husband still in Kazakhstan, Ziawudun was again instructed to report to a local police station, she said. 
Ziyawudun says she was transported back to the same facility as her previous detention, but the site had been significantly developed, she claimed.

But there is another major discrepancy within Ms. Ziyawudun’s claims with western media in 2020 – that being the renewel of her passport in 2019 by Xinjiang authorities.

In the picture below, taken from a CNN presentation, the renewel date of Ms. Ziyawudun’s passport is not shown – it has been smudged out.

Her Official Xinjiang passport – issued on 13 March 2019, is shown below in the figure,


The global media have reported that even applying for a passport for Xinjiang Uyghurs is grounds for arbitrary detention by Chinese authorities. That sounds serious!

But in Ms Ziyawuddin’s case , this alleged whistleblower and two time concentration camp survivor of rape and torture, not only applied to renew her passport, but was successful and she was given a 10 year passport to enable her travel to the USA, where she could make a new life and tell the world about Xinjiang!

This doesn’t seem very likely does it?

And then there is American Amelia Pang.

Ms Pang has just remembered (her own word) that she is a Uighur (one eighth) and so has written a book about herself and her “Uygherness”. Her Uyghurness book is being promoted by the Uyghur Human Rights Project (UHRP) – another American government funded Uygher organization.

Ms Pang has created her own website, and has been featured in America’s most prestigious newspaper, the New York Times.

It seems likely her “Uigherness” and resulting book tours are making Ms Pang a comfortable living in the United States. I wonder if Ms Ziyawuddin and Ms Pang would have had new lives in America if they were simple immigrants from far western China, devoid of any (indirect) American government support?

These are but two examples of many of the compromised sources and inconsistencies that underpin the western driven Xinjiang narrative. Undoubtedly there are human rights abuses occuring in China, as there are in most countries at some level, including western ones. It is simply that western countries’ human rights abuses are rarely mentioned yet alone recognised or studied in the global media.

The recent tragic news of the finding of mass graves of children at schools in Canada is a perfect example. The Canadian government, and others, should concentrate on fixing its own problems, past and present, and leave China to do the same.

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