British Politician Speaks of Osama bin Laden Training Muslims In Xinjiang, China

George Galloway is a former MP in the British parliament, former member of the UK Labour Party and former Leader of the Respect Party, which he founded, and was re-elected to parliament from this platform. His vast knowledge, integrity and brillant oratory skills are well known and widely respected.

In this short clip below, Mr Galloway speaks of his personal experience in matters of the Middle East in general, and about Osama bin Laden in Xinjiang specifically.

What Mr Galloway is confirming, is that Osama bin Laden was actively working with Central Asian muslims, presumably to train and radicalize them, with the intention to inflame the tensions that some members of the Uyghur community in Xinjiang felt.

And, as per previous posts here, it is possible to conclude that bin Laden was very successful at training Uyghurs to carry out terrorist attacks in China. Even mainstream western outlets such as CNN reported on the death and mayhem of these brutal terror attacks.

Hong Kong (CNN) — A series of explosions tore through an open-air market in the capital of the volatile western Chinese region of Xinjiang on Thursday, killing dozens of people and wounding many more, state media reported.

China’s Ministry of Public Security said the attack in the heavily policed city of Urumqi was “a serious violent terrorist incident” and vowed to crack down on its perpetrators. President Xi Jinping called for the terrorists behind it to be “severely” punished.

Two SUVs slammed into shoppers gathered at the market in Urumqi at 7:50 a.m. Thursday, and explosives were flung out of the vehicles, China’s official news agency Xinhua said.

The vehicles then exploded, according to Xinhua, which said at least 31 people were killed and more than 90 wounded.”

It is known that Osama bin Laden has been aided by western nations during life style as a radicalizer. His skills in creating havoc are well established. How useful an ongoing terrorism problem would be for the west in this region, causing China to grapple with the radicalized muslims who want their own country in Xinjiang, called East Turkestan.


China’s claims to Xinjiang go back to before the time of Christ, and the regions there have been fought over and held by many different factions since that time. China gave the name Xinjiang back as 1884 though it had been part of China for much longer than that.

As a region vital to China’s Belt and Road Initiative, the government in Beijing will do everything it can to maintain the integrity of their country’s borders. Let’s hope, for everyones sake, outsiders stop their meddling in the affairs of this Chinese region.

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