US State Dept’s Condescending Attitude

Comments by staff show what the USA expects in its dealings with other nations

Former American Ambassador Kristie Kennedy

Commenting on Ecuador’s diplomatic relations with China, Ms Kennedy said,

“The Chinese have been extremely sophisticated in cultivating Ecuador. Years ago when I was ambassador there, they sent a Chinese ambassador who was a charming, talented woman who spoke impeccable Spanish (the local language). She immediately set about getting to know the Ecuadorians and organised and funded trips for Ecuadorian ministers to visit China.”
Kristie Kennedy, US ambassador to Ecuador 2002-05.

OMG – how shocking that China should respect the country it sends its diplomats to, by having their diplomats speak the local language of the country they are living in and be charming and talented! And then…the Chinese diplomats even get to know the local people !! Whatever will China get up to next ? Trying to help the locals maybe ?

Who does America send overseas to represent them then? Illiterate, borish and talentless people?

Another US Ambassador in the Americas, John Feeley displayed a similarly condescending attitude, when commenting on the decision of the nation of Panama to open diplomatic relations with China in 2017,

“It came as quite a surprise to the United States (that Panama opened diplomatic relations with China). I was the serving ambassador (to Panama) at the time. We were surprised that… frankly, there wasn’t any preconsultation (with America). I was not made aware of it until literally 1 hour before the President of Panama… announced it.”
John Feeley, US ambassador to Panama 2015 – 2018

It seems American governments expect other countries to consult with Washington before making any decisions about their own country. Which of course, they mostly do and always have done. Which is why Washington always knows what is going – or will be going on – even if they feign ignorance in public.

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