Dirty Tricks in UK Election

British Politics Now Very Dirty

Last week there was a by-election in the British parliamentary electorate (similar to a Congressional District) called Batley and Spen to replace a representative (called an MP) who had resigned.

The UK Labour party had won the seat for many years but its victory in this election was far from assured for a number of reasons including dissatisfaction with the Labour party leader, Mr Keir Starmer.

Another reason Labour were expected to lose the three way vote was the presence of third party candidate, ( & former Labour party MP) Mr George Galloway who was expected to win major support and split the Labour vote, either in favour of a victory for the other main – Conservative – party candidate, or indeed, a victory to Mr Galloway himself, who is a popular figure in many quarters. In fact, Mr Galloway made it very clear, he was standing in the election in order for Labour to lose the seat and therefore increase the pressure on Labour leader Keir Starmer to resign.

The Labour party selected as their candidate, Ms Kim Leadbeater, who is the sister of the former representative (MP) of the same Batley and Spen electorate, Ms Jo Cox.

Tragically, former MP Jo Cox was shot to death by a white supremacist type in 2016 whilst on her way to meet locals. To have a low profile political representative gunned down on the streets of the UK was a truely shocking and emotional event.

However, people in some quarters, perhaps worried that the Labour candidate, and Jo Cox’s sister, Kim Leadbeater would not win, handing the traditionally Labour seat to the opposition Conservatives, or even to the Independant Mr Galloway, conducted a very dirty smear campaign against Mr Galloway. A loss in this election would in turn increase the pressure for a Labour party leadership change.

The internet quickly became awash with fake pictures of Mr Galloway – a highly principled and upright man – waving a handgun about whilst campaigning for the district where his opponent’s sister was murdered by a shooting.

Someone called “Sophie”, like many others, took to twitter to share her feelings…..


And guess what ? Although a prominent political figure, and a former MP such as Mr Galloway supposedly took to campaigning on UK streets with a hand gun in plain site (public gun displays and gun violence are very rare in the UK) none of the mainstream media made a big deal out of this. Even though his opponent’s sister in this same district was shot to death with a hand gun!

Doesn’t that seem an utterly incredible thing to be ignored by the media ?

Or is this just another reason why fewer and fewer people believe anything the mainstream global media write or say ?

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