Watch Terrorism in Xinjiang

Short video : Contains scenes of graphic violence

Xinjiang Terrorist Attack Left 31 DEAD


Scenes of terrorism in Xinjiang that China has to deal with

Once again, the western media have all but ignored or downplayed the seriousness of Islamic extremism in Xinjiang, China.

The Chinese government has bought the situation under control. They didn’t invade and substantially damage multiple countries, like other nations do – they didn’t need to, as the violence problem was within their own country and it was being fanned by outsiders, just as it was in Hong Kong.

Are human rights abuses occurring in China? Of course. Human rights abuses are prevalent all around the world sadly, even in white, christian and “respectible” nations such as Canada and their southern neighbour. But human rights abuses are not genocide and it is nonsense to equate the two.

This is the real world and when difficult problems being fanned by outside influences, any government would take the steps necessary to protect their borders and their citizens. Protection of the vast majority of the people and the country is the first duty of any government.

The issues in Xinjiang are complex with multiple forces at play. The western world should mind their own business, deal with their own issues and let China deal with theirs, as long as no major crimes are occuring.

There is little evidence that they are. Certainly no crimes on the scale of those committed by western forces in Iraq, Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Somalia, etc

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