Covid 19, What to believe?

China’s Sinovac vaccine restores a Brazilian city to near normal

In the information wars that are waged every day in the global media, it is hard to know what to believe sometimes.

“This vaccine is great” , “this one not so good”….. A common theme these last few years has been the incessantly negative coverage of both Russia (“they stole our election!”) and China (“they stole our jobs!”)

But here is an AP News article which didn’t get much attention – maybe because it is something positive about China. It seems in a small Brazilian city of 46,000, which was suffering greatly under the symptoms of Covid 19, everyone got the China vaccine and now…..the city is now back to normal.

Could it be our media paint false pictures in our minds?

Graphics: What's gone wrong for Brazil's COVID-19 response? - CGTN

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