Omer Kanat, a Uyghur leader, Tells the Truth

He was a leader in the World Uyghur Congress (WUC) when Interviewed

Omer Kanat was interviewed the by The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal (right) in 2019. Mr Kanant was asked how he knew that 1 million Uyghurs were being held in camps in Xinjiang. He answered, that his organization, the WUC, got their information from the western media.

This is a startling admission, as Mr Kanat and the various Uyghur organizations he has been a leader in (the WUC, Radio Free Asia, Uyghur Human Rights Project) have been quoted in the western media AT GREAT LENGTH, as THEM being the sources of the media’s stories. But Mr Kanat is saying they don’t know, they just read a newspaper.

Huh? Which is it? They can’t both be true.

Does anyone actually know anything about Uyghurs in camps?

By the way, all of the organizations listed above that Mr Omer Kanat worked for are partially funded by the American government.

The interview with Omer Kanat is part of some excellent investigative journalism found in this link,

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