Racism in Full View Each Day

WHITE SUPREMACISTS RACISM IN THE BRITISH MAINSTREAM MEDIA….  “Muslims” are telling “us”, presumably those British people who wrote this headline or own this newspaper and who, presumably, are not muslim, how to run “our” schools – that is, the British schools, which this headline is saying are not for Muslims. The schools are only forContinue reading “Racism in Full View Each Day”

Taiwan Claims the South China Sea :o)

We all know that China makes some pretty big claims to territory in the South China Sea… claims that even I think seem a bit exaggerated, but then I don’t know any of the history behind it all. You know, there’s China’s huge “nine dash line” and all that, which extends far south of theirContinue reading “Taiwan Claims the South China Sea :o)”

Nazi Germany’s Greatest Crime Wasn’t the Holocaust

If you asked most people what Nazi Germany under Adolf Hitler, greatest crime was I think most would say the holocaust. And for good reason – for that was a horror that supposedly shocked the western world when it was uncovered. Images such as the one above really make one wonder about how and whyContinue reading “Nazi Germany’s Greatest Crime Wasn’t the Holocaust”

Palestine and Xinjiang : One and the Same Thing

In the short comments above, acclaimed film maker and journalist John Pilger outlines why the issues underlying the slow, inexorable genocide of the Palestinian people and the issues underlying fabricated genocide in Xinjiang, China are one and the same thing. They are both about a fading empire desparately trying to maintain their control over others.Continue reading “Palestine and Xinjiang : One and the Same Thing”

New Zealand & Australia – Growing Apart?

After more than two centuries existing side by side as “mates” through thick and thin – world wars, sports rivalries and claims to have originated each others’ cultural icons like Russell Crowe, Pavlovas and the race horse Phar Lap, it seems that finally New Zealand and Australia are moving apart. Perhaps becoming well aquainted andContinue reading “New Zealand & Australia – Growing Apart?”


Western countries talk alot about “human rights”. It has become the “go to” subject, when western leaders are in front of the cameras. We hear western Presidents and Prime Ministers talking about “freedom” and “democracy” and how everyone must have these. That is sort of true, in a limited way, but the sad state ofContinue reading “WHAT ARE HUMAN RIGHTS? THERE ARE 30 OF THEM!!”

More American Parents are Buying Bullet-proof Backpacks for Kids

Is this headline the poster child of a failed state or what? Children wearing bullet proof back packs to school? How irresponsible are those parents ? Do they also buy a bullet proof vest for their children’s frontal regions or do they coldly ignore this risk and send them off to school nakedly exposed toContinue reading “More American Parents are Buying Bullet-proof Backpacks for Kids”

President Eisenhower’s Greatest Deed (out of many)

World War 2 General and American President Dwight D Eisenhower’s greatest deed as a public servant occurred on January 17, 1961, shortly before stepping down after 8 years in the Whitehouse. President Eisenhower delivered a farewell address to the nation, which is still talked about 60 years later, in 2021. The public response to theContinue reading “President Eisenhower’s Greatest Deed (out of many)”

Britain & America’s Ethnic Cleansing Ongoing Today

https://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-54598084 Mauritius Prime Minister calls US & UK ‘hypocrites’ Published19 October 2020 Mauritian Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth has labelled the British and Americans “hypocrites” and “champions of double talk” for the way they have behaved over the Chagos Islands. Last year, a United Nations court ruled that the UK should end its control of theContinue reading “Britain & America’s Ethnic Cleansing Ongoing Today”

The Dishonesty of the BBC

The once widely respected BBC, the State owned British broadcaster, has really sunk to new low levels with its various tricks and fakery to promote or dishevel, as the case may be, a person or a cause. Here are but three examples, a) “Comrade” Jeremy Corbyn. The British Labour party continues to implode due toContinue reading “The Dishonesty of the BBC”

Are YOU Able to Change Your Mind ?

Something I now realise quite clearly is that many people have a great deal of trouble changing an opinion. By “opinion”, I mean a long held view on a substantive issue, a view that you are associated with by the people who know you well. I’m not thinking of trivial things like which cafe toContinue reading “Are YOU Able to Change Your Mind ?”

This is Why Your Struggle is Invisible

Do your figures add up? No? Here is why. Credit Suisse (a major global bank based in Switzerland) issues an annual Global Wealth Survey which runs to 165 pages more or less. The report from 2013 is a rare find indeed !  It contains information rarely, if ever, circulated by media, financial institutions, governments, aid agencies etc….that is,Continue reading “This is Why Your Struggle is Invisible”

The Jews You’ve Never Heard of and Why They Support Palestine So Passionately

Tue, 25 May at 10:22 am Strictly Orthodox Jews are those traditionally dressed people you see in big American cities such as New York or praying at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. They are passionate supporters of the Palestinian people, and always have been. Yes, that’s right. Strictly observant Jews want the state of Israel peacefullyContinue reading “The Jews You’ve Never Heard of and Why They Support Palestine So Passionately”

American Training of Alleged Terrorists & Dictators on US Soil to Continue

https://www.voanews.com/usa/us-training-foreign-militaries-continue-despite-haiti-assassination The controversial American military institution, The Western Hemisphere Institute of Security Cooperation (WHISC) has been found to have trained 7 of the people involved in the recent assassination of Haiti’s President Jovenel Moise. WHISC, formerly known as “The School of the Americas” is a military training school run by the Pentagon located within theContinue reading “American Training of Alleged Terrorists & Dictators on US Soil to Continue”

Do You Live Life Forwards or Backwards?

It occured to me recently that most people live their lives backwards. Not in the literal sense of course – none of us have a tardis I don’t think. But backwards in the sense that many of the highlights come early in life in the conventional sense. Take young people – they are often passionateContinue reading “Do You Live Life Forwards or Backwards?”

Washington Post Admits Fake Quotes

Media Outlets Issues Retractions https://www.nzherald.co.nz/world/the-story-was-a-hoax-donald-trump-hits-out-after-washington-post-admits-it-published-false-quotes/N4SFP4TDMWHGOQZBTOLS2UIVBA/ The Washington Post has published an astonishing retraction two months after a bombshell story about a phone call between then-US President Donald Trump and an elections investigator in Georgia. The newspaper reported in January that Trump had spoken to Frances Watson in December, asking her to “find the fraud” inContinue reading “Washington Post Admits Fake Quotes”


Just Privatizing It. https://thegrayzone.com/2021/04/16/biden-afghanistan-war-privatizing-contractors/ US Troops in Afghanistan . Over 18,000 Pentagon “contractors” (meaning private mercenary soldiers) will remain in Afghanistan, while official US troops number 2,500. Joe Biden will withdraw this smaller group of soldiers while leaving behind US Special Forces, mercenaries, and intelligence operatives — privatizing and downscaling the war, but not endingContinue reading “President Biden ISN’T ACTUALLY ENDING AMERICA’S PRESENCE IN AFGHANISTAN.”

The Last Decent Person in Washington?

. President Jimmy Carter speaks to the American people about themselves, their culture and the crisis of confidence of the nation, in 1979. (4 mins) . Above are a few minutes of TRUTH that was delivered by US President Jimmy Carter in 1979, 42 years ago. Carter’s full speech (33 mins) can be seen onlineContinue reading “The Last Decent Person in Washington?”

Iran on a Path Back to Full Democracy?

The President of Iran, the entire Iranian Parliament, as well as the Leaders of every city, town and village across Iran, are chosen by democratic elections in this country of over 80 million people. There is much enthusiasm in Iran’s elections, Supporters of Iranian political parties rally enthusiastically in 2017.  Note that many women’s hair is clearly visible, the scarves being merely token. The ladies areContinue reading “Iran on a Path Back to Full Democracy?”

Martin Luther King, 1967: “America is Too Arrogant.”

. . . Martin Luther King was an amazing man who preached peace and led by example. His courage in taking public stands against the American invasion of Vietnam, where 56,000 Americans died and milions of Vietnamese, Cambodians and Laosians were killed, was a testimony to such courage. He suffered beatings, government harrassment and surveillance,Continue reading “Martin Luther King, 1967: “America is Too Arrogant.””